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My philosophy of growth and change is holistic and encompasses the concepts of health, wellness and mindfulness.  This means looking at all of life’s intimate connections.  Health and wellness is about establishing balance in your life.  Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium. 

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary health is defined as, “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially freedom from physical disease or pain.”  Wellness although connected to health is a term most used to describe ones choice to accept responsibility for the quality of your life experience.  This usually begins with a conscious decision to create, commit to, sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle that contributes to longevity and a more successful existence.  The components of wellness include mind, body and spirit.  These elements would include nutrition, hydration, exercise, healthy thoughts words, and actions, as well as healthy relationships and spirituality. 


Mindfulness is the state of purposeful focused awareness, paying attention to our thoughts.  But it is more than just purposeful awareness it is also learning to be non-reactive to that thought.  This means looking at thoughts in the here and now without judgment.  When we judge our thoughts we are actually

My Philosophy

experiencing them in the past or the future.  The past no longer exists because it has already happened and we cannot change that.  Forecasting a future that has not happened or what you think may happen is not something that we have control over or that we can predict.  The only reality we have is what is in the here and now, the present moment.  According to Jon Kabat –Zinn, “Cognitively, mindfulness is the awareness that certain experiences are pleasant and some are unpleasant, but on an emotional level we simply don’t react. We call this “equanimity” — stillness and balance of mind. “  When we have this stillness or balance in our minds we move through life with peace and kindness in every step. 

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