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Family and Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy that is specifically oriented to working with the family or couple in their intimate relationships to assimilate change and the development of healthier relational skills.  Change is seen as working with the whole system instead of the parts.  The emphasis is on the family relationship and the healthy functioning of that relationship. 

The premise of family oriented therapy is regardless of the problem it is not considered as an individual issue, but rather a family system issue.  Therefore the solution involves the whole family and benefits the all of the parts. 


Couples Therapy/marriage counseling in general terms is psychotherapy that benefits the couple.  The prime objective is to help the couple to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. 

Couples therapy or marriage counseling is typically short term and usually includes both partners, however therapy can be done with one partner at times.  There are specific treatments and it depends on the situation at hand. 

There are many reasons why couples engage in marriage or couples counseling.  Some of these are as follows:

     • Strengthen the relationship
     • Increase better communication
     • Address sexual dysfunction
     • Conflictual parenting styles
     • Financial difficulties
     • Infidelity
     • Anger management
     • Substance abuse
     • Divorce
     • Stress induced life situations, driven by i.e. family conflicts with in-laws, death, and chronic debilitating illness of spouse or child, which could be medical or psychological.

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