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Therapist in Temecula, Psychologist in Temecula

        Today’s world presents each of us many challenges. Life’s challenges, are our best classrooms because they present us with dilemmas that necessitate  stimulating solutions.  As a psychologist practicing counseling in Oceanside, California, I know that sometimes these solutions are unknown to us because we simply do not have the life experience to meet the situation.  This is when it is beneficial to obtain an outside, unbiased and alternative solution.  For each of us these challenges may be different, such as, personal, family, marriage, workplace and economic.  Counseling can offer the assistance that is needed to get through a challenge or a temporary adjustment period.​

        The mind is our most powerful tool if used to our advantage.  Our minds are the storehouse of our memories, thoughts, beliefs and values. The mind can hold joy or pain, the choice is ours.  As individuals we evaluate situations based on our past experience and create all situations in our lives.  This is why examining our thoughts and beliefs through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is crucial to changing our life experience.  Changing our belief system, with the assistance of a psychologist or coach can help us to transform our beliefs and power our minds to change our life experience.​


          Dr. Comin offers a variety of counseling services in Oceanside, California, in addition to Telehealth services to meet the many needs of the community:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy, Couples and Marriage Counseling (Imago Relationship Therapy and The Gottman Method), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).   Many issues can be treated and resolved with the appropriate therapeutic intervention.  Issues left unexplored and unaddressed can manifest into complicated larger than life experiences that appear overwhelming.  These issues can present psychological manifestations such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks to name a few.  Left untreated for extended periods these psychological issues can manifest in the body as well.  All dis-ease emanates from our minds and becomes lodged in our bodies.  This is why Dr. Comin incorporates a variety of therapies because she believes that treating the person is about healing all aspects of the self.

Telehealth Services Available

Dr. Linda Comin Psychologist in Temecula
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